Drevo Stiga Carbonado 145

Drevo Stiga Carbonado 145

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Drevo Stiga Carbonado 145, prvýkrát použitá unikátna a patentovaná švédska technológia TeXtreme.
Ideálne drevo pre hráčov hľadajúcich rýchlosť a stabilitu v kombinácii s vynikajúcou kontrolou.

Hrá s ním napr. Samuel Kalužný, Bai He, Adam Tuška a ďalší skvelí hráči...

For the new Carbonado blades we have taken carbon blade manufacturing to a new level by using a made in Sweden carbon technology known as TeXtreme®. The blades are built with five layers of wood and two layers of lightweight TeXtreme® Spread Tow Carbon fibers. This unique and patented carbon is the first of its kind and has never before been experienced in Table Tennis. 

The special TeXtreme® Spread Tow Carbon is flexible in only one direction, either flexural or torsional, making it possible in the manufacturing process to adjust and improve the ball trajectory and speed to accommodate playing style. The two layers of carbon are applied in a 45 degree angle or a 90 degree angle.

Carbonado 145 is constructed with Carbon layers in a 45 degree angle with torsional bendability which gives the blade more flexibility and increased stiffness. The high trajectory makes it a perfect choice for the offensive player who looks for good speed and stability combined with excellent control.

The Carbonado blades offer the player a personalized Sweet Spot. The Carbonado 145 with torsional bendability gives a wider Sweet Spot. 

ART. NO. 1065-XX 
SPEED: 145